The Syrian world war – what are the refugees escaping from?

Swedish freelance journalist Joakim Medin has made several trips to Syria to report about the development on the ground, the atrocities of warring parties, and the refugee crisis before it even leaves the country.

Folkuniversitetet in collaboration with Utrikespolitiska föreningen (Umeå Association of international Affairs). The lecture will be held in english. No entrance fee and no advance reservations.

Joakim spent seven weeks working in Syria this summer. The conflict soon turns five years old, and has evolved into a world war. Who are the different actors in it? What kind of situation, oppression and massacres is the civil population escaping from? And what is the surrounding world doing against it?

Joakim will also be selling his book Syrien – Revolutionen, makten och människorna .

Where: Lecture hall A, Lindellhallen at Umeå university.
When: 2 december, 18.00 – 20.00.

Before the lecture starts På flykt Umeå will be having a short presentation about their work.